El Sabor de Oaxaca Black Mole Sauce

El Sabor de Oaxaca Black Mole Sauce

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The delicious smell and flavor of a black Oaxacan mole is unlike anything you have tried before.  

Mole is a traditional marinade and sauce originally used in Mexican cuisine. It has the consistency of a paste made from a mixture of chilies and spices, with a sweet and spicy flavor. 

It has a characteristic smell of semi-bitter and smoked chili.

It consists of ingredients such as: dried chilies, plantain, tomato, green tomato, ginger, garlic, onion, bread, spices, almond, walnut, peanut, sesame, avocado leaf, cinnamon, sugar and salt. We recommend you use it with vegetables, chicken or pork, but try it with your favorite proteins!

Very simple to use:

 Dissolve the paste in a heated pan with preheated cooking oil. Use water, chicken or vegetable broth. Using a broth of your choice will give it the best flavor

– Move continuously to prevent sticking

– Once boiling, add the mole sauce on top of any protein or vegetable that is already cooked

-We you can also add a melted bar of hot chocolate to the sauce to enhance the flavor